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Canada to begin regulating nanoform Potassium Titanate

The Canadian Department of the Environment has published a Significant New Activity Notice for potassium titanate under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The nanoscale version of this substance has specific reporting guidelines assigned to it: 'a significant new activity is...any use in a quantity greater than 10kg in any one calendar year where the substance is engineered to contain particles...ranging from 1 to 100 nanometres in one or more directions'. The authority believes that 'a significant new activity in relation to the substance may result in...[it] becoming toxic' under Canadian law.

Those engaging in a new use must therefore inform the authorities of the following information 'at least 90 days before...commencement' of the activity:

  • 'A description of the proposed significant new activity in relation to the substance'
  • Various pieces of information relating to characterisation and identification
  • 'The anticipated annual quantity of the substance to be used in relation to the...activity'
  • 'If known, three sites in Canada where the greatest quantity of the substance, in relation to the significant new activity, is anticipated to be used or processed and the estimated quantity by site'

The note states that information provided to the department 'will be assessed within 90 days after the day on which it is received'.


Follow this link to read the full notice by the Canadian Department of the Environment.

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