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NIA EXCLUSIVE - Restricted Docs & Pubs: Towards a Regulatory Framework for Nanomaterials' Traceability

'Towards a regulatory framework for nanomaterials' traceability' Belgian Presidency Conclusions and Next Steps

On the 16th December 2010, Juan Piñeros, the Nanomaterials Coordinator for the Belgian Presidency presented to the 6th Meeting of the REACH Competent Authorities Subgroup on Nanomaterials CASG-Nano (meeting  held in Brussels, 14th - 16th December 2010) the Belgian Presidency's conclusions of the Presidency's High Level event entitled 'Towards a regulatory framework for nanomaterials' traceability', held on the 14thSeptember 2010 in Brussels (the event programme, conference presentations and the full version of the conclusions can be viewed and downloaded here).

Background - The Belgian Presidency High Level event:
Presentation entitled High Level event "Towards a regulatory framework for nanomaterials' traceability", Brussels, the 14th of September 2010 - Presidency Conclusions.


Actions to be taken:

  • to take up responsibilities at the Member States level ? transitory period: risk management, information and monitoring
  • to consider nanotechnology as a priority into a future 2nd Environment and Health Action Plan
  • to increase the financial inputs to the OECD WPMN
  • harmonized compulsory databases of nanomaterials and products containing nanomaterials (for traceability, market surveillance, gaining knowledge for better risk prevention and for the improvement of the legislative framework);
  • consider in such databases information to citizens, workers, consumers as well as the industry's need for data protection;
  • regulate claims regarding nanomaterials

Next Step - Database of Nanomaterials and Products containing Nanomaterials:

The Belgian Presidency's conclusion regarding the need for a 'harmonized compulsory databases of nanomaterials and products containing nanomaterials' has already been taken forward:  

Juan Piñeros provided a working document entitled 'Towards harmonization of national databases for nanomaterials on the market. (Draft, 17/12/2010)', [...]


  • Aim of a harmonized nanomaterials databases: [...]
  • Links with REACH: [...]
  • Scope: [...]
  • Nanomaterials definition: [...]
  • Products containing nanomaterials: a definition: [...]
  • Costs and benefits: [...] 

Also available:
Another presentation provided by Juan Piñeros  on the 16th December 2010 entitled 'Nanomaterials and Council discussions regarding "Improving Environmental Policy Instruments" in the framework of a 2nd Environment & Health action plan'.


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