Nanowerk has published a website explaining Ten Things you should know about Nanotechnology. According to the Nanowerk website announcement, the explanation was developed and published in reaction to numerous questions about nanotechnologies; the announcement explains that the Nanowerk authors have been ‘trying [...] to provide a brief overview of some important aspects and issues and answer some of the basic questions on nanotechnologies’.

The following 10 things are explained:

  • The concept
  • Definition and usage of the term nanotechnology
  • What's so special about nanotechnology and why is it an issue now?
  • New materials - the rise of carbon
  • Nanomanufacturing
  • Some numbers – investments, papers, patents
  • Commercial applications
  • Industry example – energy sector
  • The risk factor
  • Societal aspects


Follow this link to access the Nanowerk website.

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