As nano-specific language emerges in regulations and standards, issues related to waste will inevitably come into focus for nanomaterials.

While there is some initial activity at present, nanomaterials producers and users must plan ahead to demonstrate that their products can be safely managed throughout the production, use and disposal pathway.

At NIA’s symposium on March 27, 2019, regulatory, policy, research and industry perspectives will come together and discuss where the focus for nanomaterials in waste should be, differentiating between engineered NMs in products and novel particles generated through the disposal process. The symposium will discuss where policy focus will have the best effect for the environment and consumers and enable industry to deliver long term safety of products.

Join industrial producers of nanomaterials, expert service providers, end-users, policy makers and regulators at NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium, for a day of presentations, discussion and networking.

Topics include:

  • Nanotechnology in Industry 4.0. How the nanoscale is changing products, processes and business across sectors
  • Adding nano-value to products – making it happen. We explore how nanomaterials add value into a product and how NM producers can understand and support customers for successful uptake
  • Global regulatory and standards update. Latest news and looking into future trends and priorities across sectors and countries
  • Regulatory priorities. Discussion-driven session around topics core to regulatory compliance, with a focus on nanoforms in REACH as a core topic
  • What goes around – managing nano waste.  Understanding where nano waste is generated through production and use and how it can be managed, including regulatory issues.

Who should attend?

If you are active within commercial nanomaterials development or starting to become active, you should attend. 

NIA welcomes companies new to nanomaterials to help them understand successful integration into their processes and you will meet people who can share good practise and expert services.

Registration costs

NIA Members: Free of charge

Non-Members: €200. If your organisation joins within 8 weeks of the Symposium, the €200 fee is reimbursed (1 reimbursement per organisation).