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  1. New OECD Publication addresses Alternative Testing Strategies in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

    Posted on: 6 February, 2017

    ... can advance risk analysis of nanoscale materials These activities have highlighted 'the utility of alternative testing strategies for ...

  2. European Nanoelectronics Bodies outline Proposal for EUR 100 billion Investment by 2020

    Posted on: 28 November, 2012

    The Association for European Nanoelectronics Activities (AENEAS) and the Cluster for Application and Technology Research in ...

  3. Nanostruc 2014

    Posted on: 16 January, 2014

    ... on Structural Nano Composites (NANOSTRUC 2014) is to promote activities in various areas of materials and structures by providing a forum ...

  4. NANOSTRUC2016: The 3rd International Conference on Structural Nano Composites

    Posted on: 23 March, 2016

    ... on Structural Nano Composites (NANOSTRUC2016) is to promote activities in various areas of materials and structures by providing a forum ...

  5. OECD Working Party on Bio-, Nano- and Converging Technologies (BCNT)

    Posted on: 25 November, 2012

    ... nanotechnology. The work of the BNCT will complement activities underway in other OECD committees as well as in other organizations. ...

  6. NIA asks the European Commission for Clarifications on Nanomaterials and the EU Biocides Legislation

    Posted on: 17 May, 2012

    ... to the fact that over the last years a number of research activities have generated a substantial amount of data relevant to the ...

  7. EUFP7 Sustainable Nanotechnologies Project Requests Feedback on Risk Management Practices

    Posted on: 9 September, 2015

    ... asks all organisations involved in nanotechnology-related activities, including companies, universities, research laboratories, ...

  8. US EPA Ruling cracks down on Nano Manufacturing done without protective Equipment

    Posted on: 26 June, 2013

    ... who intend to manufacture or process’ these materials for activities deemed ‘significant new use[s]’ must notify the Agency ‘at ...

  9. US EPA New Use Rulings on several Nanomaterials come into Effect in November 2014

    Posted on: 2 September, 2014

    ... in the workplace’, ‘industrial, commercial, and consumer activities’, and ‘release to water’. These nanomaterials are: ...

  10. ‘Nanotechnology Safety Act of 2010’ introduced into US Senate

    Posted on: 29 January, 2010

    ... would conduct a number of data gathering and research activities (some in collaboration with other agencies and international fora, ...