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  1. 4th Forum on European Export Controls for Dual Use Goods

    Posted on: 1 July, 2014

    ... who will share their perspectives on what a robust internal compliance programme should look like; and how they are responding to ... on our website: http://www.c5-online.com/eec NIA's Steffi Friedrichs is set to present at this event.   NIA ...

  2. US NNI publishes report on regional, state and local Nanotech Initiatives

    Posted on: 31 May, 2013

    ... regional, state and local (RSL) initiatives exhibited at a workshop held in May 2012 . Representatives from the initiatives, as well as ... this link for to read the full report . News Articles ...

  3. 2014-2015 NIA Annual Report Published

    Posted on: 12 January, 2016

    ... Industries Association has published its 2014-2015 Annual Report, A Decade of Development . The publication marks the ten year anniversary of NIA's founding in 2005 and chronicles NIA's success across three key areas: ...

  4. Responsible Nano-Code

    Posted on: 23 November, 2012

    ... Investment and the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) came together to explore the societal and economic impact of the ... began this process by convening a business-focused workshop that stimulated companies to engage more fully with the broad spectrum ...

  5. Third Stakeholder Meeting on RoHS 2 List of Restricted Substances to be held

    Posted on: 3 October, 2013

    ... ‘substances of very small size or with a very small internal or surface structure, or a group of similar substances’ in the ... human health or the environment’. Earlier this year, NIA representatives attended relevant workshops and submitted comments on ...

  6. Dutch Ministry releases Reports from Nano Meeting; NIA provides Comments

    Posted on: 30 April, 2013

    ... of Nanomaterials conference. This event was attended by NIA; it has provided comments on the outcomes of the event for the ... to the publication’s subscribers). News Articles ...

  7. New biocidal Products Regulation restricts Nanomaterial Use

    Posted on: 10 May, 2012

    ... nanomaterials in biocides. In response to this adoption, NIA has written a letter to the European Commission (EC) asking it to clarify ... will 'simplify the authorisation procedures in the internal market through the harmonisation of legislation...while ensuring a ...

  8. European Parliament approves Agreement on EEE Legislation

    Posted on: 24 November, 2010

    ... substances, including any substances of very small size or internal or surface structure (nanomaterials) which may be hazardous due to ... read the text adopted (1st reading) . Registered NIA Members can  download the European Council's compromise offer to the ...

  9. European Parliament to vote on a Definition, Notification and labelling of Nanomaterials in Cosmetics

    Posted on: 20 March, 2009

    ... material with one or more external dimensions, or an internal structure, on the scale from 1 to 100 nm (Amendment 12; Proposal for a ... about the  European Cosmetics Directive . News Articles ...

  10. NIA provides Industrial Stakeholder Feedback at European Project Meeting

    Posted on: 4 September, 2012

    The NIA's Director General, Dr. Steffi Friedrichs, was part of a  panel discussion at a recent stakeholders workshop for the European Union (EU) funded project, Nanogenotox . Amongst ... assessment of nanomaterials. As part of this discussion, the NIA represented one of the 'main categories of stakeholders...[the] ...