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  1. European Commission issues Regulatory Definition of Nanomaterials

    Posted on: 18 October, 2011

    ... external surface area is similar to the sum of the surface areas of the individual components; (c) "Aggregate" means a particle ...

  2. Belgian Decree on the Nanomaterial Register published in the Country's Official Journal

    Posted on: 9 October, 2014

    ... fraction between 1 nm and 100 nm is a by-product of a human activity. Fullerenes, graphene flakes and single wall carbon nanotubes with one ...

  3. EC SCENIHR publishes final Opinion on Nanosilver

    Posted on: 17 June, 2014

    ... exposure leads possibly to genotoxicity, changes in [the] activity of the immune system, and an accumulation of silver in [the] spleen, ...

  4. Developments in Nanotechnology - Review 2010 / 2011 Preview

    Posted on: 6 January, 2011

    ... ultimately support the development of an public engagement activity. Please also have a look at our continuously improving and ...

  5. The Proliferation of State Regulation of Chemical Substances: Are Nanoscale Materials implicated?

    Posted on: 25 February, 2011

    ... the discussion may begin in a way which could lead to some areas of agreement.  There is, in any event, a growing sense of both urgency ...