During 2018, NIA will kick start the publication of position papers on key topics, driven primarily through work undertaken in the Global Regulatory Working Group.

NIA Position papers are intended as a proactive response to issues that impact the development of sustainable and safe nanomaterials to market.

Topics are selected by Members and reflect their input in the publications.

NIA will use these position papers to inform actors actors across sectors and within the regulatory and policy spheres.  This has the long term aim of helping to focus diverse actors that shape nanomaterials development on specific challenges that may impact the development of materials to market.

Topics selected as priorities for position paper development in 2018 include

​Multiple nanomaterial definitions

Different nanomaterials defintions are currently in place across sectors and countries.  Not only the headline definitions but also the exemptions and thresholds that upderpin their application within regulatory approval.

This creates barriers to market access in terms of resources and skills needed to complete regulatory approvals processes across sectors and territories.  SMEs in particular find knowledge and financial barriers in place, while the added cost of diverse regulatory pathways will often exceed a cost benefit threshold for market decisions for companies of all sizes.

​National nanomaterials registries

Several EU countries have implemented national registries for materials.  These registries have originated from different political and regulatory sources, with different aims, definitions, structures, implementation and requirements.  They add a national barrier to market access for companies within and outside of each country.

​Nanoform grouping

Grouping of nanomaterials is already an active area and, as nanoforms are recognised within the regulatory process, the science and delivery of grouping becomes more complex.