Clever use of natural resources

ras materials GmbH focuses on the production and distribution of Nananomaterials.

A new world, made accessible by nanoparticulate additives and formulations, is our contribution to enhanced sustainability.

Silver is a chemical element of high availability, it is ubiquitous. Silver has some well-known beneficial properties, which include its antimicrobial activity. Moreover, silver is the element characterised by the highest electric conductivity.

We have succeeded in developing well defined silver products that meet the highest demands on the market of modern antimicrobials and transparent conductive formulations.

AgPURETM Nanosilver combines the capability of broad spectrum antibiotic silver with the unbeatable low dosage of active silver nanoparticles. Nanosilver therefore denotes for unreachable safety and sustainability. AgPURETMis the next generation of high performance antimicrobials for use in fibers, polymers and elastomeres.

AgPURE Nanowires is a product especially designed for conductive applications. The silver particles show a very good aspect ratio to comply with the high requirements of future markets. The low amounts of silver enable production of Transparent Conductive Surfaces. These materials are strongly desired components for use in displays, photovoltaics and light emitting diodes (LED), as well as for transparent IR-reflection coatings. 



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