Intertox, INC.

Environmental Safety and Health Nanotechnology

Intertox is a scientific consulting and research firm whose mission is to achieve long-term solutions for public health and manage health risk issues.  Our work includes toxicology, pharmacology, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, EPA regulatory issues,state regulatory issues, nanotoxicology, nanomaterials, and FDA-related medical products regulatory issues.

Founded in 1995, Intertox has extensive experience assessing risk to humans from exposure to chemical and biological agents in air, water and food.  Our work as an objective, third-party scientific group is illustrated through our human health services.

Our service areas include assessing the safety of consumer products, air, water,food, nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. We are specialists in hazard assessment, nanotoxicology, and providing expertise and guidance in regulatory approvals issues, as well as U.S. Regulatory Designated Agent duties that include FDA liaison, dossier submissions and inspection scheduling.  Our clients include non-profit organizations, industry organizations, manufacturers, law and consulting firms, public entities, and U.S. and foreign government agencies.


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