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INNOVNANO, is a European manufacturer of industrial scale quantities of high quality nano-structured zirconia-based powders and sputter coating targets.

INNOVNANO's production capacity increased significantly with our relocation to a purpose-built manufacturing and technology facility (Coimbra, Portugal) in early 2012. This production centre, built on a modular design, facilitates future expansion to 1000tpa to meet the rapidly growing demands of the industries taking advantage of high performance materials.

INNOVNANO sources feedstockprecursors from multiple countries, ensuring a sustainable and economical supply chain. Based on this technology platform, our patented 'emulsion detonation synthesis (EDS)' process produces high quality ceramic powders with excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties. The EDS process manufactures yttria-stabilised zirconia powders with excellent nanostructure for high activity, enabling sintering at significantly lower temperatures than conventional ceramic powders, minimising undesirable grain growth. The extremely high synthesis pressures and temperatures enable a uniform dispersion of mixed oxide components, contributing to the improved mechanical performance of the final ceramic component.In addition to our stocks of zirconia-based powders and aluminium zinc oxide sputter targets, INNOVNANO will also manufacture to clients' specifications: as free sub-micron powder, stable aqueous or ethanol-based suspension, and spray-dried granules, with or without binder, for optimum handling, ready-to-press. Batch-to-batch powder continuity is ensured through certification by our QA laboratories.

INNOVNANO operates from within the stable infrastructure of one of the largest chemical companies in Europe (CUF), adopting their corporate ethos of Innovation, Competence and Personal Development as central to the success of the business - a philosophy reflected in our attitude to our partners, our personnel and, most importantly, our clients.


INNOVNANO-Advanced Materials S.A.
Parque Tecnologico de Coimbra - Lote 13
3040-570 Antanhol, Coimbra, Portugal

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