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In 2009, Energenics Europe purchased the EnviroxTM business from the then leading UK nanotechnology pioneer Oxonica plc, (a company spun out from Oxford University in 1999, listed on AIM in 2005). Envirox is based on advances in nanomaterials research made within the past two decades. Cerium oxide, a traditional solid oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters, has been re-engineered using nanotechnology to allow it to be delivered as a fuel-borne catalyst for diesel engines where it is active in the combustion process whilst assisting the removal of engine deposits. The combined effect of this is a cut in fuel consumption of around 5% with a corresponding reduction in net COmissions together with a 10-18% reduction in harmful particulate emissions.

Stagecoach UK Bus, the UK's largest operator of public service buses (8,400 buses) are now in their seventh continuous year of usage since adopting Envirox nationwide in 2005, following extensive field trials with data analysis carried out by professional statisticians. In 2008 they estimated it had reduced their annual costs by £3.8 million and their CO2 emissions by 24,500 tonnes. By 2010 it had been introduced to their Coach Canada operation. 


With laboratories at the University of Oxford's Begbroke Science Park, our scientists are engaged in novel nanoparticle synthesis to improve our EnviroxTM products, as well as a number of other R&D projects. Energenics Europe is a consortium member of a European Seventh Framework Programme aimed at delivering extended service-life and improved properties of wood products through the use of functional nanoparticles in clear coating systems.


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