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Keller and Heckman llp is a leading third party expert in legal and regulatory matters for emerging technologies. Our firm is a pioneer in the use of interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving in the legal profession.  Since 1971, we have had an in-house scientific staff that works closely with the firm's attorneys on matters of technical complexity.  We have particular expertise in international product clearance and defense, and in counseling concerning the health, safety and environmental benefits and implications of nanotechnology. 

The Keller and Heckman LLP Nanotechnology Group provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for  nanotechnology-related legal support.  Our Group includes leading legal practitioners and recognised scientific experts from a multitude of jurisdictions.  Our clients demand the highest quality legal and scientific advice.  Our reputation is based on our ability to deliver legal solutions in some of the most novel and challenging areas of scientific and commercial innovation and development.  Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Assisting clients in establishing and implementing product safety programmes and policies regarding the use and application of nanotechnology within the food, food-packaging and chemical industries;
  • Assisting clients in obtaining regulatory clearances for nanomaterials and nano-enabled products, including REACH registration issues;
  • Advising on market access, obstacles to trade and mutual recognition;
  • Advising on labelling, classification and packaging issues;
  • Assisting on defence of claims, limitation of liability issues, product recalls and product safety issues; and
  • Advising on related issues such as insurance and re-insurance issues, intellectual property issues, governmental affairs issues (including legislative development), etc.  

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