Danish EPA starts a Public Consultation for a national Nanomaterial Product Register
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen) launched on 4 July a public consultation related to a draft executive order for a register for mixtures and products that contain or releases nanomaterials, and the duty of manufacturers and importers to provide information to the register
European Parliament approves Nano-specific Rules on Food for Infants
Reunited in Strasburg for the June plenary session, Members of the European Parliament debated and voted on the Regulation on Food intended for Infants and Young Children and Food for Special Medical Purposes; on 29 June 2013, the Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation - European Commission seeks Feedback on the Implementation of the Recommendation on a Definition of Nanomaterial - Deadline 12 July 2013
In 2011, the European Commission published its Recommendation on the Definition of Nanomaterial. The Commission now seeks feedback from the people who have been implementing this definition, especially industries, whose products and materials fall under the definition
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation - CEN/TC 325 Nano-responsible Development working Document: DEADLINE 8 July 2013
Over the past few months, the CEN/TC 352 Working Group on commercial and other stakeholder aspects (WG2) has been developing a technical specification on Nano-responsible development — Integration of risk and benefit assessment in the production, marketing and use of nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and/or products incorporating nanomaterials
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation - Upcoming ECHA Meeting: DEADLINE 24 June 2013
NIA Members are consulted for their input to an upcoming meeting to be arranged by the European Chemicals Agency. Deadline for NIA Members to provide input to this meeting is Monday June 24
NIA provides Comments on the Methodology used for the Review of RoHS2 Annex II
Commissioned by the European Commission to develop a methodology for the review and inclusion of new substances to Annex II of the Directive on RoHS2, Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt Österreich) has recently put up its Draft Manual for the Methodology for Identification and Assessment of Substances for Inclusion in the List of...
NIA answers EC Public Consultation on Plastic Waste
As the first step of the rejuvenation of the European legislation on waste, the EC published a Green Paper on Plastic Waste along with a public consultation on the topic
NIA EXCLUSIVE Meeting Report: Standardization and SMEs
NIA was present at the European Conference organised by the European Standards Organisations on 28 May 2013 on the topic of standards and small- and medium-sized enterprises
NIA EXCLUSIVE Member Consultation: NIA Draft Comments on the Green Paper on Plastic Waste of the European Commission
NIA has drafted comments on the Green Paper on Plastic Waste that was released by the European Commission in March 2013. ‘The result will feed into further policy action in 2014 as part of a broader waste policy review,’ explained the European Commission in a press release that announced the publication of the Green Paper
NIA Public Briefing: Nanotechnology and the Council of Europe
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted a recommendation on balancing nanotechnologies benefits and risks to public health and the environment at the Assembly’s 2013 spring session held in Strasbourg, France. This recent activity in the Council of Europe has been followed by NIA, which has now written a public...
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: NIA Comments on the ‘Study for the Review of the List of Restricted Substances under RoHS 2 Directive’
Austrian Environment Agency has launched a 3rd Stakeholder Consultation on the European Commission Study for the Review of the List of Restricted Substances under RoHS 2 Directive. NIA Members are invited to provide comments by Monday 3 June 2013
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Briefing on Nanoscale Materials in the Australian Regulation of Sunscreen Products
'In Australia, three authorities share the responsibility of enforcing regulatory control over sunscreens. Together with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) operate the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)'
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Briefing on the Proposal for a European Regulation on Food intended for Infants and young Children
NIA has written a briefing on the proposal for a European Regulation on Food intended for Infants and Young Children and Food for Special Medical Purposes (2011/0156 (COD). It provides highlights of the current state of play in the legislative process
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Briefing on Nanomaterials and Biocides
The NIA has written a briefing on the current regulatory discussions concerning nanomaterials and biocides. The 10 page-long briefing, exclusive to NIA Members, includes an analysis of the current status and assessment of future measures
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Meeting Report from the 10th CASG-nano Meeting
The NIA participated at the 10th CASG-nano (European Commission Competent Authorities Subgroup on Nanomaterials) Meeting, held 15 April 2013. The NIA Meeting Report from is now available for NIA Members
IUCLID now featuring Nanomaterial-specific Reporting Templates
The International Uniform Chemical Database (IUCLID 5.5) has been upgraded to include 13 new templates dedicated to nano-specific data.
Swiss Study concludes that Nanosilver is efficiently neutralised in Wastewater Systems
The increasing use of silver nanoparticles (Ag-NP) in consumer products raises the issue of its dispersion in the environment and specifically in water. Due to its biocidal properties nanosilver may be considered a harmful substance. A recent study from Switzerland has however concluded otherwise
NIA hopeful over H2020 Nanotech Funding
In an interview with Pan-European Networks, published on the Horizon 2020 Projects platform, NIA highlights the pivotal role Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) can play within the upcoming Horizon 2020 framework
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: Possible modification of REACH Annexes - Deadline 9 April, 2013
A discussion on possible adaptations to the REACH Annexes to include nanomaterial considerations is being scheduled to take place at an upcoming meeting with the European Commission, Members States Competent Authorities and Stakeholders. The NIA will be present and the Association asks its Members to provide input and feedback on their views on...
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: Nano Register to increase transparency and ensure regulatory Oversight of Nanomaterials
NIA Members are invited to present their views on a document outlining steps to increase transparancey and ensure regulatory oversight of nanomaterials