Market authorisation for certain nanomaterials as Switzerland review of Chemical laws enters into force
In 2017, the Swiss Federal Council opened discussions on the modification of national ordinances on chemicals and biocides and proposed modifying its definition of a nanomaterial as well as introducing a general requirement for the registration of nanomaterials in the Confederation.
NIA publishes Open Newsletter for Q1, 2018
NIA is delighted to publish its first Open Newsletter of 2018, as part of its quarterly series to the wider nanotechnology community.  The Q1 newsletter covers latest regulatory news, plus invitations and offers open to non-Members, from NIA and from projects in which we are partners.
NIA responds to ECHA priorities on nanoforms
As recognition of Member priorities and highlighted ECHA concerns (see EUON article "Substances in nanoforms: urgent revision of REACH information requirements needed"), NIA is focussing on nanoforms and their grouping within its Global Regulatory Working Group.
Respond to the ECHA/EC study to assess the extent to which SDSs and Exposure Scenarios (ES) provide relevant information.
ECHA and the European Commission (DG Environment) are undertaking a study to assess the extent to which SDSs and Exposure Scenarios (ES) provide relevant information for end-use formulators who produce consumer mixtures, specifically regarding the exposure assessments which are required under REACH.
NIA launches NIA Members consultation on the 2018 EFSA Draft Guidance
NIA has assessed the Draft EFSA Guidance document published in January. NIA is now inviting its Members to provide their input to the NIA Comments on the EFSA Draft. 
SCCS opinion on sprayable TiO2 in sunscreens
The European Commission Scientific Committe on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has just published its scientific opinion on 'Titanium Dioxide (nano form) as UV-Filter in sprays'. The SCCS concludes that 'the information provided is insufficient to allow assessment of the safety of the use of nano-TiO2 in spray applications that could lead to exposure of...
NIA attends 'EU mission-oriented research and innovation policy' meeting at the EU Parliament
Hosted through the Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA), NIA took part in a busy debate about the future of research policy in FP9.  Speakers from across Europe presented their vision of how long term strategies should drive the design of Framework Programmes.  With a focus on 'Mission-oriented'  policies, Europe is deciding how it targets research...
Consultation launched on revised EFSA nano guidance
The European Food Safety Authority has launched a public consultation on a draft EFSA guidance on the risk assessment of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain: Part 1, human and animal health. 
Belgium updates Nanomaterial Register to start Registration of Mixtures in January 2018
On 15 January 2018, the Belgian Official Journal (Moniteur Belge) published a decree modifying the Royal Decree setting up the Belgian Nanomaterial Register. It modifies the provisions of the nanomaterial register as follows:
US FDA publishes Draft Guidance for Industry on Drug Products, Including Biological Products, that Contain Nanomaterials
The United States Federal Drug Administration has published a draft Guidance on Drug Products, Including Biological Products, that Contain Nanomaterials on 18 December 2017. This Guidance for Industry outlines potential risk factors for drugs containing nanomaterials. It also provides recommendations on quality aspects, environmental impact as...
WHO publishes Guidelines on Protecting Workers from Potential Risks of Manufactured Nanomaterials
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently published Guidelines on Protecting Workers from Potential Risks of Manufactured Nanomaterials (MNM). This document, intended for policy makers and occupational health and safety professionals contains recommendations on ‘how best to protect workers from the potential risks of MNMs’ but are ‘not...
Sweden requires registration of nanomaterials
The Swedish Chemical Agency (KEMI) today published their rules requiring companies to register information about nanomaterials to the Swedish Products Register. The rules enter into force on 1 January 2018, and consequently, information will need to be provided to the Products Register by February 2019, for products on the Swedish market in 2018.
German EPA Report on the Environmental Fate of Nanomaterials for OECD Test Guidelines
The German Umweltbundesamt  (Environment Protection Agency), has released a document entitled Clarification of methodical questions regarding the investigation of nanomaterials in the environment.  This results presented in this publication were included in the 
ECHA RAC decides classification and labelling for Titanium dioxide
Last week, ECHA Risk Assessment Committee, adopted by written procedure its previous draft for harmonised classification and labelling of Titanium Dioxide, which has previously not been included in Annex VI to the CLP Regulation. At its previous meeting, RAC did not agree to the proposal from France to classify the substance in category 1B (...
German EPA publishes Report on Nanomaterial Phys-Chem Properties and Aquatic Toxicity for Grouping
The German Umweltbudesamt (Environment Protection Agency) has published a report on Considerations about the relationship of nanomaterial’s physical-chemical properties and aquatic toxicity for the purpose of grouping.
NIA Comments on REACH Annexes submitted to EC
NIA has today submitted our position on the European Commission proposal for amending the REACH Annexes to address nanoform substances. 
NIA speaks in Chemistry World on recent OECD Test Guidelines
NIA's Director of Regulatory Affairs, Dr David Carlander, has been interviewed in the Chemistry World publication of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry, in its article 'New testing guidelines to standardise toxicity testing for nanomaterials' published on October 27, 2017.
NIA Regulatory priorities and new Member VITO - webinar and slides
NIA hosted its second open regulatory webinar of 2017 on July 5, combined with a welcome presentation from new Member, VITO. NIA kick off the webinar with a look at priorities in July, that included the catalogue of nanomaterials in cosmetics, ECHA news on guidelines, Board of Appeal outcomes for both titanium and silicon dioxide and newly...
European Commission publishes catalogue of Nanomaterials used in Cosmetics
In the 2009 Regulation on Cosmetic Products (1223/2009), the European legislator included a provision on the publication of an inventory of nanomaterials used in cosmetics by the European Commission, this catalogue was originally planned for January 2014. The publication of the inventory has long been delayed, and, on 15 June 2017, the European...
NIA performs at EuroNanoForum 2017
NIA was delighted to be in action across EuroNanoForum in Malta, between June 21-23.  We joined forces with partners across Europe to create the most active exhibitor booth.  NIA, INERIS, University of Leeds, Tutech, Joanneum and National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE) worked together to present mini-workshops, discussion...