The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) published in its Fall 2008 Regulatory Agenda (released on the 24 November 2008) an announcement about the next steps in its Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (NMSP). According to the notice, 'EPA intends to publish an interim evaluation in March 2009 and a final evaluation of the program including next steps in April 2010.’

The NMSP is a voluntary program, launched by the EPA in January 2008; the program invites interested parties to participate in one or both of program parts:
  • In a ‘‘basic’’ program by submitting existing data on the engineered nanoscale materials they manufacture, import, process, or use.
  • In an ‘‘in-depth’’ program to test engineered nanoscale materials they manufacture, import, process, or use.
The Regulatory Agenda notice highlights that, ‘under the Toxic Substances Control Act, EPA has the authority to require the development of data necessary for the assessment of chemical substances and mixtures from persons that manufacture or process them when statutory findings concerning (1) production volume and exposure/entry into the environment or (2) potential hazard can be made, and to prevent and eliminate unreasonable risk of injury to human health and environment from chemical substances and mixtures.’

Follow these links to find out more from the Nanotechnology Law Blog website, to read the full notice, or to find out more about the EPA’s NMSP

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