The ObservatoryNANO project, which will be funded by the European Union Framework 7 Programme (FP7) for 4 years aims to address the ‘complex and rapidly changing field [of nanotechnology], which is often difficult to assess in terms of opportunities, challenges and risks’.

In its first annual project report, ObservatoryNANO introduces its work by describing that it aims to assess ‘all aspects of the value chain from basic research to market applications in terms of scientific, technological and socio-economic developments and prospects. At the same time it is assessing ethical and societal aspects; potential environment, health and safety issues; and developments in regulations and standards. The project employs a combination of literature review; trend analysis of patents and peer-reviewed publications; and engagement with experts from different fields through interviews, workshops, and questionnaires’.

The annual report highlights the launch of the project’s public website, as well as the publication of 61 technical reports and 10 economic reports.


Follow these links to find out more on the ObservatoryNANO website, or to download the first annual project report.

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