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NIA: Key Activities in Support of Nanoscale Materials in Commercial Sunscreen Products

The current issue of Nanotechnology Law & Business (Vol 9.1) features an article on the Use of Nanoscale Materials in Commercial Sunscreen Products. Written by lawyers from Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., the article discusses 'the rise to prominence of nanoscale titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as ingredients of sunscreen formulations, and the reasons for the increase in use [, and reviews] the concerns raised by public interest groups and others regarding potential public health and environmental risks attributed to the unique characteristics of the materials, and the actions taken to design and conduct studies to determine whether the nanoscale materials are suitable for use in sunscreens'.

As part of a consideration of 'how FDA might utilize the data being developed' to respond to the recent petition by the International Center for Technology Assessment (ICTA), the article mentions the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) as a 'key participant in the Sponsorship Program on the Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials', which is part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN). 'The 'Ecotoxicology Test Protocols for Representative Nanomaterials in Support of the OECD Sponsorship Programme (PROSPEcT)' Project is a public-private partnership between NIA, specific NIA member companies, several university laboratories, and the United Kingdom's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Technology Strategy Board (TSB), and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Through PROSPEcT, NIA is the lead sponsor for nanoscale zinc oxide, as well as the co-lead sponsor for nanoscale cerium oxide', the article describes.


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