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US Environmental Protection Agency officially approves Nanopesticide

An antimicrobial nanosilver pesticide has become the first nanosilver product to be officially registered for use under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, after its conditional registration was approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The product, AGS-20, had been registered for approval in 2008 by its producer, HeiQ Materials AG.

According to a press release, 'the notice stated that the use of HeiQ AGS-20, under the period of conditional registration, would not cause any unreasonable adverse effect(s) on the environment or public health. The EPA also said (that) the use of the pesticide is in the public interest'.

The Swiss company states that the substance, to be used as a preservative in textiles, is 'composed primarily of nanosilver on amorphous silica, as a preservative in textiles'.


The NIA's David Carlander has provided exclusive insights on the product's registration, and registered NIA Members can downloadTopical Briefing: Analysis of US EPA Conditional Registration of HeiQ AGS-20 as a Materials Preservative in Textiles'. Members and non-Members can follow this link to view the press release, and follow this to view an earlier report by the NIA on this topic, US Environmental Protection Agency grants first Approval for Nanopesticide.

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