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Presentations from CalNIN Workshop on Nanotech Commercialisation now available

The California Nanotechnology Industry Network (CalNIN) recently held a workshop, entitled 'Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses Engaged in Nanotechnology'. It 'brought together experts and critical thinkers within the industry'. Presentations from it are now available.

Speakers at the event 'presented current research and science, both federal and non-governmental program to support nanotechnology, business development opportunities, and venture capital availability'. Notable presentations included:

  • Overview of Federal and International Regulations on Nanomaterials
  • Challenges and Opportunities for International Partnership in Nanotechnologies
  • Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology Risk
  • Future Benefits/Opportunities and Safety Assessment of Nanotechnology

Attendees to the workshop included representatives from 'academia, government, non-governmental organisations, private industry, and venture capital'. They generally praised the event, evaluating it as 'compelling', 'timely' and 'useful'.


Follow this link to access all of the presentations from the workshop.

Source: Nano and Other Emerging Chemical Technologies Blog

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