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EFSA Tender for Inventory of Nano-based Food and Feed Activities awarded

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved funding for the creation of an inventory of the applications of nanotechnologies for the areas of food and feed. After a tender procedure, the contract was awarded to the RIKILT Research Institute in The Netherlands. It is for a 12 month work and the amount awarded is EUR 94 955.

The contract for the Inventory of food additives and other food ingredients/food contact materials/feed additives applications in the area of nanotechnologies will 'launch a procurement call for the preparation of a background document on the current knowledge in the field of nanotechnology'. It will also prepare the aforementioned inventory, taking into account 'nanotechnologies currently used and/or reasonably foreseen to be used'.

EFSA have previously stated that they consider this inventory 'a priority', and that 'the current European Commission (EC) recommendation for a definition on nanomaterial must be used for the development of the document'.


Follow this link to read the contract award notice, and this link to read the NIA's previous reporting of the inventory.

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