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NIA to Reply to the EC Consultation on a EU-wide Nanomaterial Register

As part of the Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials COM(2012) 572 final, a study on transparency measures for nanomaterials that features a possible EU-wide nanomaterial register has been initiated by the European Commission. Together with a draft version of the first chapters of a corresponding Impact Assessment report, two questionnaires (for industry and non-industry respondents) about the impacts of a potential nanomaterial registry at EU level have now been made available to the public. The consultation will be closed on 5 August 2014.

This study was discussed in detail during the 12th CASG-Nano meeting held in March 2014, where NIA was represented.

So as to provide a consolidated NIA position on the consultations, NIA is now preparing a draft response to this consultation that will soon be made available for commenting by Members. NIA invites its Members to use these elements to individually reply to the industry questionnaire; NIA can also support Members in preparing individual replies.


Please follow this link to access the consultation; the questionnaire for industry can be found here and the questionnaire for non-industry can be downloaded here.

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