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NIA EXCLUSIVE - Topical Briefing: Interim Results: ECHA's search of REACH- and CLP-Submissions for Nanomaterials

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has commenced a systematic search of the nano-specific information delivered as part of the submissions to REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) that have been received by ECHA. The preliminary results of this study were presented at a joint JRC/ENPRA conference, held between 10-12 May 2011 in Somma, Lomdardo, Italy.

According to the presenting ECHA spokesperson, the Agency has been requested by the European Commission to prepare an inventory of nanomaterials registered / notified under REACH / CLP, as requested in the European Parliament's Own Initiative Paper.

ECHA commenced its task by (a) systematically searching all REACH registrations and CLP notifications for the selection of the word 'nanomaterial', available in IUCLID 5.2 from pick-lists in both Section 2.1 'Classification and labelling according to GHS' and Section 4.1 'Appearance/physical state/colour', respectively, and (b) subsequently screening all submitted dossiers for information on 'nanomaterials' in a free-text search

On 7 March 2011 ECHA had received, amongst others:

  • 26600 REACH registrations for
  • 4700 distinctive substances, and
  • 3.2 Million CLP notifications.


NIA Members can view the full interim results here.

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