An order has been published by the French Department of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy which describes how content and submissions are to be made as part of the country's annual declaration of nanoparticle substances. Published in the Official Journal of the French Republic, the order says it intends to further the understanding of nanomaterials and their uses, as well as providing traceability in the French market.

The mandatory reporting scheme will require producers and importers to declare and characterise the nanoparticles within substances, as well as providing details of the characterisation methods used. The amount of the nanoparticle will also have to be declared, and registrants are asked to provide the identity of the business that has been traded with in confidence. The regulations will differ depending on whether the nanomaterial-containing substances will be used for commercial or scientific purposes.

The order stands to come into effect from 1 January 2013.


Follow this link to read the full order for the mandatory reporting scheme (in French).