Nanomakers creates, designs, produces and commercializes silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon composite nano powders, for the doubling of the energy density of Li-ion batteries and for the reinforcement of materials (elastomers and metallic alloys). Its headquarters are based in Paris area (Rambouillet), with a subsidiary in Japan.

Continuous innovation
Nanomakers production technology by laser pyrolysis has been developed and patented by the French research institute CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives). After the spin off and its founding (2009), Nanomakers has innovated by his own and applied for several patents. Nowadays, Nanomakers innovation work is focused on the customer value and on (new) applications of its nano powders, as far as on the improvement of its products (following market requests) and their manufacturing conditions (safety, productivity, personal working conditions…). 

An industrial company
The manufacturing and R&D plant has been commissioned in 2012, with the installation of a characterisation lab in order to control the quality of the products and master the development of new ones. The plant is operated according the highest industry standards. A zero-contact strategy has been developed in order to safely manufacture, handle and transport the nano powders : two types of tight containers have been developed, that ensure no contact takes place between the product and the environment. 

Highest quality process & products
Due to the quality of the laser pyrolysis process and its mastering by Nanomakers people, Nanomakers products present four advantages on other Si-composites nano powders:

  • Reproducible: identical chemical and physical characteristics from one lot to another, over the years;
  • Homogeneous: particle size deviation is very low;
  • Pure: high purity batches, very low oxygen or metallic content (ppm or ppb);
  • Customizable: specific customer’s specifications can be dealt with. 

This has been acknowledged by Kazuya Shimoda et Takaaki Koyanagi (National Institute for Materials Science, Ibaraki and Kyoto University, Kyoto) in "Surface properties and dispersion behaviors of SiC nanopowders" (Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 463 (Sept. 2014) 93). The authors compared Nanomakers nano powders against two other producers’ ones (from Japan & USA) and Nanomakers product resulted the best on all above parameters (and the industrial capacity). 

High value added applications
SiC and Si-composites nano powders can drastically increase the mechanical strength, thermal and chemical properties of existing industrial materials or enable the development of new ones. They can be used in several high-tech industries such as aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, energy, semiconductor, etc. 

The use of Nanomakers nano SiC as a filler for the improvement of high performance of (per-)fluoroelastomer seals used in the semi-conductor industry ensure a regular turnover to the company. Promising applications under development for the SiC are the reinforcement of aluminum or titanium alloys for transportation devices (lighter planes, cars, satellites…), the inclusion in additive manufacturing powders, and other niche applications. Si C-composites are aimed to replace graphite in the anodes of the future high-performance Li-Ion batteries (duplication of autonomy) within 2-3 years.


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