Improving the global standard of cancer care for everyone, everywhere

Endomag is dedicated to improving the global standard cancer care for everyone, everywhere, by developing a new, effective clinical platform that uses safe magnetic fields to power diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

Endomag’s first approved products are the Sentimag® and Sienna+®.  Sienna+® is a nanoparticle magnetic tracer approved across the European Union and Australia for use with the Sentimag® detection system.  Sienna+® is injected into the body and the Sentimag® is used to track its presence, locating lymph nodes as part of a sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) procedure.

By avoiding the need for traditional radioactive isotopes in sentinel lymph node biopsy, Sentimag® and Sienna+® improve workflow and lower costs, enhance patient comfort and quality of life, and provide a better standard of care available to everyone, everywhere.


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