Event Dates: 
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 15:00 to 16:00
Event Venue: 

The Nanotechnology Industries Association is pleased to host a 60 minute webinar for all interested parties on its vision for nanotechnology in 2017 and Association activities to support the sector. 

The webinar will focus on challenges in nanotechnology for 2017, from a regulatory perspective and its relevance for both innovators and users of nanotechnology in all sectors and all geographies, as regulations can be different at national and international level.  The webinar will then move to the role that the NIA plays in supporting companies and research organisations in contributing to the best regulatory ecosystem and maximising innovation potential for nanotechnology.

Association activities include:

  • Analysis and member notification of regulatory consultations
  • Creation of industry 'critical mass' responses to consultations, reflecting member concerns and requirements
  • Expert assessment of specific regulations for members
  • 'State of the nation' report into nanotech - covering regulation, research, investment and public funds, IP, policy trends, global performances and other key factors that drive nanotech as a sector
  • R&D funding tracker for members to ensure that new scientific, collaborative and  business activities can find support
  • Mwebinars in key scientific and business topics, to share good practice and experiences from across sectors and business-types

This strengthens existing NIA regulatory services to members and you are invited to register and take part in the webinar.

REGISTER HERE to take part and we look forward to sharing priorities, services and activities for 2017.