Activities & Projects

Nanotechnologies play an increasingly important role in everyday life; modern industrial processes are chnaged to become more environmentally friendly, while industrial and consumer products incorporate nanotechnology-based innovations to achieve better functionalities.

The implementation and commercialisation of nanotechnology-enabled innovations is still largely in its infancy, however, and requires proactive stakeholder engagement and support, in order to secure the environmental and societal benefits harboured by this new generation of technologies. At the NIA, we provide support to all aspects of industrial nanotechnologies through targeted NIA Activities & Projects in the form of collaborations between industries, governments, NGOs and academia addressing the five areas of concern to the on-going responsible development and commercialisation of nanotechnologies:

Innovation Economics and SandT PolicyNanomaterials Safety and EHS OHS PolicyPublic Engagement and CommunicationRegulation and Product ApprovalSustainability and shared RepsonsibilityImage Map